Top 20 BEST Adventure Anime of All Time You MUST Watch

Top 20 BEST Adventure Anime of All Time You MUST Watch

Who doesn’t love to see fictional characters travel to fictional lands and fight monsters? Well, that may be a simple definition of adventure, but anime always likes to take things a step forward. The adventure anime we’re about to speak of are either filled with action, emotionality, love, or all of them combined. Without wait, let’s dive into not ten but twenty of the best adventure anime of all time.


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Anime On List:
0:00 – Top 20 Best Adventure Anime
0:38 – Astra lost in space
1:33 – Moribito: gaurdian of the sacred spirit
2:29 – Is it wrong to pickup girls in a dungeon?
3:24 – Yona of the dawn
4:16 – From the new world
5:13 – Log horizon
6:00 – Dororo
7:01 – Castlevania
7:51 – Golden kamuy
8:48 – Kino’s journey: the animated series
9:52 – Samurai champloo
10:56 – Made in abyss
11:51 – Akame ga kill
12:44 – A place further than the universe
13:38 – Claymore
14:33 – Spice and wolf
15:39 – Magi labyrinth of magic
16:36 – Hunter x hunter
17:36 – One piece

Also, I try not to include any mainstream or shonen anime to keep the recommendations fresh, but if any are added in there so be it!!!
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