TOP 5 Action Adventure Games For PC 2020 | The Best Story Games OF all

TOP 5 Action Adventure Games For PC 2020 | The Best Story Games OF all

In this video i showed you the best action adventure games for pc in 2020 these pc games are worth checking out if you have a gaming pc beacuse these are the 5 best games of 2020 for it till the end

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The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar game was created by
Turbine Inc and is compatible for Microsoft Windows. Requiring about
seven GB of hard drive space as well as a 64 MB video card and good
Internet connection, this game will bring you immense loads of
adventure and excitement. Predominantly, the entire game is based on
Tolkien’s novel, The Hobbit. When you begin playing, you will be in
full control of an avatar that will navigate the world of the game and
you can choose to alternate between a first person perspective as
though you are walking through the lands or from a third person view
point so you can see it happening like a film you control.

entire story is exemplified through a series of Books and each quest
within that Book is a Chapter that must be overcome in order to move on
to the next. Staying true to the theme of the novel that inspired it,
the game has about five wizards in the entire realm and none of them
can be characters controlled by you the player. But, as a player, you
have skills called power and some of them are magical in essence, such
as the healing powers or the burning embers thrown at enemy powers.

the game you will fight against other players who are all on their own
personal quests. The higher you pass through the levels, the more
things you unlock and are then able to battle against even more
monsters as a result. The monsters are also on their own quests, as
well, and they seek to gain ranks that will allow them to have armor
and power, and if you are a hero, you will want to purchase equipment
and armor for yourself. Also, as you play, you will be awarded destiny
points each time that you finish a quest and you can use these to
increase your skills and abilities. You can buy traits and different
features that allow you to accomplish different things. Finally, you
are also responsible for killing monsters in specific areas and
fulfilling other deeds, such as finding special items or locations, and
once you do this, you are awarded titles and an array of experience

When you complete a deed or task or quest, you will be
awarded with special and noble titles. These titles do not really do
anything as far as the game is concerned but they give your
identification a personal flair and elevate your rank. This can be a
distinguishing feature, especially when you are playing among other
players who understand the value and immense importance of ranks. You
can have ranks like the Wary, or of Bree, or the Undying, or
Spider-Foe, or Pie-eating Champion, or Master Apprentice Woodworker, or
Vanquisher of Thaurlach, all titles that will follow your name.

amazing feature of the game is that you will accumulate traits
throughout the game, as well. Some traits include virtue, which are
earned when you kill monsters or complete quests. Another trait Is
class, which occurs when you use critical amounts of skill. Racial
traits are offered, too, for special abilities and improvementsFree Articles, and
finally legendary traits which occur when you collect certain books
that have been fallen from enemies or when you combine five different
traits that are all of a kind.