Top 8 Tents Specially Designed for Motorcycle Camping and Adventure Touring

Top 8 Tents Specially Designed for Motorcycle Camping and Adventure Touring

Technically any lightweight and durable tent will do the job if you are setting on a long distance adventure or choose to use your bike as an overlander. However, if you not only want to shelter yourself from elements, but would also like to take care of the motorcycle storage overnight, you should definitely look into these specially designed tents that we are about to present to you. Besides providing a sleeping spot they come with extended canvases to cover the bike or even feature separate garage extensions.
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0:48 #1 Lone Rider Mototent:

During its eight years on the market, the Lone Rider’s signature MotoTent has undergone various modifications, but no concessions have been made in terms of safety, comfort and durability.

2:07 #2 Goose by Wingman of the Road:

Built for speed, comfort and durability, quite an odd selection of adjectives to describe a motorcycle tent, but this the moto used by Wingman of the Road for the Goose motorcycle camping system.

3:27 #3 Redverz Atacama and Solo: /

The three-person Atacama and the one-person Solo expedition tents by Redverz are best known for their spacious garage area and durable, 3-season-capable materials.

4:46 #4 Abel Brown Nomad Tent:
Store Link:

The Nomad Tent is the only motorcycle tent offering by the American manufacturer Abel Brown that specializes in designing apparel and leather accessories for travelling.

6:00 #5 Mini Mate by Kompakt Kamp: some images and video

For a moment, lets break away from rather minimalistic motorcycle tents and take a look at this 5-star accommodation by Kompakt Kamp called the Mini Mate.

7:17 #6 Exposed Motorcycle Bivouac:

Launched back in 2016 via a Kickstarter campaign, the Bivouac by the Swiss startup Exposed Motorcycles is lightweight but reliable shelter that can be fitted for a variety of motorcycle models, from a low chopper to a higher dual sport bike.

8:32 #7 Armas Motorcycle Tent:
Store Link:

Designed by an off-road enthusiast and a director general of the Off-Road Center Mexico Jose Luis Sanchez Armas Jimenez, Armas is a rather spacious motorcycle tent that accommodates 2 people and has a garage area for your bike.

9:46 #8 Vuz Moto:
Store Link:
Harley-Davidson Dome Tent:
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Not scoring too many sales, the Vuz and Harley-Davidson Dome tents are still technically the best sellers on Amazon with legitimate feedback from current owners.

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