VICE Guide to Comics: The Top 10 Comics of All Time

VICE Guide to Comics: The Top 10 Comics of All Time

Walking into a comic book store can be intimidating. There are thousands of different comic books, and usually a man behind the counter you don’t want to bother out of fear of a snarky response. Thankfully, our art editor and resident comic book expert Nick Gazin is here to share with us the Top 10 Comic Books of all time to get you beginners started. And like Nick says, this list is objective so there’s no point in arguing about this in the comments section…

Laz Rojas: The Man With 100 Faces:

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Game of Thrones is a TV
series set in the medieval age, where the extreme climatic conditions
determined the dynamics of society and people’s behavior. This TV series is
about a power struggle between several families competing for the throne of the
kingdom, but only one can win. To get the precious throne they will have to
face vicious schemes, romances, betrayals, battles and tons of drama. In this
Game of Thrones, kings, queens, knights, renegades, liars, nobleman and good
men will all play for a chance to win the coveted kingdom.

If you are not a faithful follower of the series, here I’ll let
you why you should be.


The showtimes for Game of Thrones are in Programacion TV


6. The topic of the series: The main theme of the story is medieval drama, which includes
knights, swords, dragons, kings, wolves, guardians and others. This genre hasn’t
been well explored in television, because of the complexity of medieval
productions. Undoubtedly, this genre has fascinating elements like fights for
power, schemes and battles between members of different kingdoms.


5. The series is consistent with the book: This is a series based on the book “Canción de
hielo y fuego”” written by David Benioff y Dan Weiss. The books are long and
the events too stretched thus making the story a bit slow, but the TV
adaptation that HBO produces for the story is amazing. The dialogues are bitter
and heartbreaking, the drama also moves fast, which give us unexpected


4. The atmosphere of the story: Like all HBO series, the attention to detail is very
important for the realism of the story. The costumes, the jewelry, the
decoration, the realistic fights, the blood in the scenes, the places, the
castles, the landscape, the sets…everything is very well thought out and built.
It makes the story, even though it happens in a fantasy world, appear exciting
and believable.


3. The plotting: The history of royal families is full of secrets, lies and
betrayals and of course, Game of Thrones isn’t at all different. It’s very
exciting to discover the true face of the characters and how they reveal the
secrets to their pasts progressively throughout the story.


2. The intro:
The trailer and the music in the beginning of the series are spectacular. Every
time I see it, I feel like I’m sitting in a movie theater. The intro gives the
series even more of a dramatic feel than it already has and makes the audience
start every episode with an excited feeling.


1.Excellent performances: I really like that the series has new actors. Almost all of
the actors that perform in the series are unknown, but they are incredibly
talented. There are some really good scenes that have made me laugh and cry.
There are some moments in the series where the adrenaline takes over and the actors
don’t seem to be performing anymore, which proves just how realistic this
series can be.