What Happened AFTER THE ANIME? Grimgar: of Fantasy and Ash (Vol 1-3)

What Happened AFTER THE ANIME? Grimgar: of Fantasy and Ash (Vol 1-3)

Are you still waiting on Grimgar Season 2? Yeah I doubt we’re ever getting a 2nd season, which is why I made this video to go over the novels that the anime left out. The anime only covered the first 2 volumes and in this video I cover what the anime changed along with the entirety of volume 3. Basically you have 2 options, read the novels yourself or watch this video. I suppose you could also wait for Grimgar Season 2 but you might be waiting forever. Like, Comment, Subscribe!
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~ volume 1

~ volume 2

~ volume 3

0:00 Intro
0:35 Volume 1 Fixing the Anime
1:48 Volume 2 Fixing the Anime
4:45 Volume 3 Beginning
7:54 Volume 3 Epic Battle
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