What Made Adventure Time Truly Unique – A Video Essay

What Made Adventure Time Truly Unique – A Video Essay

Today I pour my heart out about why I love this show so much. Globspeed, Adventure Time. We will miss you.

Mort Vivant – Once I Had Coffee With A Girl Named Thanatos

Mort Vivant – Sunflower Fields

Enjo – Still Love

Episode List That I Made:

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Alright now here’s all the copy paste stuff that goes that’s supposed to go at the bottom of all the videos.

My name is West, and I argue on the internet for a living.

On this channel, I make and upload video essays about those arguments, almost always about shows I watch. Which happens to be Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Venture Bros., and that jazz.

I don’t do reaction videos, or theory videos, or low-effort reviews. Every video I release will have meaningful content. I follow the philosophy of “only say something when you have something to say, and say it well.”

If you like thought out and visualized video essays, like to talk about and discuss cartoons, or just straight up like to argue with people, then this is the channel for you.

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is definitely interesting and entertaining. You are not time limited
and  free to play each level of the eight locations as long as you need
to fulfil the task, but the challenge is that you might finish a level
in silver time or even in gold time.
The gameplay Fix-it-Up
80s is not very much differ from its predecessors. Cars arrive on a
regular basis and you can accept the offer to buy them if the price is
good or turn it down and wait for a good bargain.

The main aim
is to purchase old and broken cars for a very good price and to make a
large profit by improving them and then either earning the higher
regular income, or by selling them to customers. This hunt for barging
is definitely as exciting as it always has been. Besides  main goal,
you  have a diversity of others for example- to earn a definite amount
of money or  to upgrade specific cars or construct special buildings
and so on.

car provides a regular income depending on its initial worth,
implemented upgrades, and provided that it is clean and working. You are
given a workshop at any location where you can build a paint shop, a
car wash and tuning stations.

car can be improved and to do it at the different stations you need a
certain amount of spare parts that can be purchased  and enough
employees. To make you workshop more effective you may hire experts at
each station or even  get your workers skilled.