Why You Should Read Light Novels

Why You Should Read Light Novels

What are light novels? Why are they called light novels? And why should you read them? These are just a few of the questions many people ask me. When it comes to this medium I absolutely adore, I’m willing to work on a video as big as this for my very first real video. And so after a month or so of grinding this one out up until the deadline right before University starts for me, the answers are here in this comprehensive beginner’s guide to the world of Light Novels!

Kastel’s Article: https://englishlightnovels.com/2018/04/16/jpn-review-ryuuou-no-oshigoto-vol-1-5/

The Light Novel Podcast Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QumqiBACk0&list=PLxAMc–4Z3bA3KbHQfqFdkCEsI4dQJyyB&index=8

Ranobe+Books: https://ranobeplusbooks.wordpress.com/

Are you just one step from a serious heart attack because you’re worried that your Xbox 360 system is displaying some red lights, and you’re worried about how to fix Xbox 360 red light problems like the red ring of death? Before you panic anymore, let’s discuss what exactly what the different Xbox 360 red light problems mean and how you, as a non-technical gamer, can address them.

* One red light indicates that you are having some sort of general hardware failure that needs some immediate attention.

* Two red lights means that your Xbox 360 console is overheating and you should immediately turn it off to avoid further problems. Once it cools down, it should operate properly.

* Three red lights is a commonly seen error that is popularly known as the red ring of death. This needs attention immediately.

* Four red lights would seem to be the most serious, but simply means that your Audio/Video cable is loose and needs to be reconnected or replaced. Really a no brainer.

Obviously, the Xbox 360 problems involving the two lights and the four lights errors are easily fixed. Simply shut the system down for a while, and check the cable connections. Dealing with the implications of the one and the three lights Xbox 360 problems takes a little more effort.

These errors are usually caused by a loose GPU, which can occur as the motherboard overheats melting the solder connections. If you know what you’re doing, fixing the loose GPU problem is easy to repair with about one hour’s effort. First, make sure you have a good repair guide to walk you through each step. If you do the job right, you’ll never see those particular Xbox 360 red light problems again. At least not for a loose GPU, and you’ll never have to worry about your Xbox 360 system freezing up again.

Make the GPU repairs as indicated below.

1. Remove the Xbox 360 case.
2. Carefully remove the DVD drive.
3. Remove the X-clamp and the heat sink.
4. Clean the CPU and the GPU.
5. Apply some thermal compound, available at most computer stores, to the GPU.
6. Place two washers above and below the heat sink mounting screws on the motherboard.
7. Replace all of the components in the reverse order from above.

It’s obvious, from the above simple proceduresArticle Search, that non-technical gamers can fix Xbox 360 red light problems. The secret to success is to have a good repair guide handy to lead you through the complexities when they arise.