World's Most Epic Adventure Music | 2-Hour Orchestral Music Mix

World's Most Epic Adventure Music | 2-Hour Orchestral Music Mix

There are several types of transport within India.

For the longer distances air travel is usually the best, quickest and most reliable. However, there are several alternatives available. Buses/coaches run all over the country and are usually the cheapest form of transport; however they are not always the most time effective. Trains, an iconic symbol of travel in India, are a great way to get around. Travelling in one of four classes’ available, watch as the beautiful countryside passes by. Night trains are great because you can travel long distances while you sleep. Travelling overland from Agra to Varanasi by train is an unforgettable experience.

Be aware, tickets for trains journeys go on sale 3 months before departure, this means that if you want a ticket close to departure they may have sold out.

Medium distances there are all the above options but there is also the option to hire a car with a driver. This is a safe enjoyable way to negotiate India’s roads while you relax in the back seat. The drivers are also a good source of local information ranging from the best places to see to the best restaurants to eat at, they may even tell you were to avoid.

Motor-cycles are becoming more and more popular, despite the traffic India offers; as long as you are competent on a motor-cycle then this is a great way to travel. To hire a motor-cycle you will need a valid international permit as well as your domestic license.

Short journeys around town or from one town to the next, it is best to use taxis, however, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaw or bicycle are the all very good forms of transport. Always agree a price first though or otherwise it can suddenly be a lot more expensive than you first though.

There are also a few unique ways of getting around India that can form a great part of an India tour. In Rajasthan, you ca plod into the Thar desert on an India camel safari from Jaisalmer and in Kerala you can spend the night aboard a traditional rice barge as you drift through the Kerala backwaters.

For more information about transport in India and for the opportunity to build your own trip, featuring rickshaws, trains, planes, buses and even camels, take a look at India Travel Plan.