Writing Action Adventure Fiction And Systems Thinking With Nick Thacker

Writing Action Adventure Fiction And Systems Thinking With Nick Thacker

The life of a full-time independent author involves wearing many hats. You have to balance your time between learning your craft and pleasing readers with great books, as well as publishing, book marketing, and building a business that will support you for the long-term.

In today’s interview, Nick Thacker talks about the key aspects of action-adventure thrillers as well as how he runs his publishing company and thoughts on pricing, email list building, and creating systems to avoid overwhelm.

27:00 – Interview starts

In the intro, The Hotsheet reports on the All about Audio conference, publishers start Storyglass, a new podcasting business [The Bookseller], The New York Times acquires a podcast production company [The Verge]; and Amazon Ad reports now incorporate page reads.

In the futurist segment, GPT3 takes natural language generation to a new level — what does this mean for writers? [Towards Data Science; Wired; The Independent] and more at http://www.TheCreativePenn.com/future. I also recommend The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly and his blog post, 1000 True Fans, and Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari.

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Nick Thacker is the USA Today bestselling author of action-adventure thrillers. His non-fiction books for authors include Platform Mastery and BookBub Mastery.

What draws readers to action-adventure novels?
The renaissance of action-adventure
Nick’s current indie publishing model and how it has changed over time
Co-writing with other authors
On different pricing models and why testing matters
Signing a trad publishing deal and what that means for Nick’s career
Building a large email list
Systems that underpin success

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